James R. Dugue Family Optometry 

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...About Your Insurance...

There are two types of health insurance that will help pay for your eye care services and products.  You may have both, and our office accepts both.

  • Vision Care Plans (such as VSP and EyeMed)

     We are participating providers with most major vision care plans

  • Medical Insurance (such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare)

     We are contracted with most PPO Insurance plans

Vision Care Plans only cover routine vision examinations along with eyeglasses and contact lenses.  They may cover basic screenings for eye disease, but do not cover diagnosis, management or treatment of eye disease.

Medical Insurance is used if you have any eye health problems or systemic health issues that have ocular complications.  Dr. Dugue will determine if these conditions apply to you.

  • If you have both types of insurance plans, it may be necessary to bill some services to one plan and other services to your other plan.  We will coordinate your benefits to minimize your out of pocket expenses.

  • We will bill your insurance plan for services if we are a participating provider for that plan.  We will always try to obtain advance authorization of your benefits so we can tell you what is covered.  Some fees, including deductibles, co-pays and non-covered services, are not covered by the insurance and will be the responsibility of the patient.